College Preparation at the Language Academy

College Preparation

The Academy provides an enriching high school experience that will set you apart during the college admissions process and beyond.

The Academy offers a rigorous four-week language immersion experience for students who are passionate about language proficiency and cultural understanding. While our ultimate goal is to spark lifelong language learning, there is undoubtedly a short-term benefit in the college application process.

Admissions counselors at top-tier colleges and universities look for motivated applicants who challenge themselves to reach their maximum intellectual and personal potential. Since world language proficiency is relatively uncommon among American students, becoming multilingual shows that you are motivated, language-savvy and culturally versed.

Our immersion program, which promises nearly 400 hours of speaking in language over the course of four weeks, can jump-start or accelerate your language learning and highlight the quality of your extracurricular choices to an admissions committee. It will prepare you for a full-immersion experience at Middlebury Language Schools and may even fast-track your career in the global marketplace.

Here we provide some pointers on leveraging your Academy experience in your college application and essays.

Attend the Academy and let us help you realize your potential and excel in your college years and beyond.