A rigorous academic experience, modeled after the proven language immersion pedagogy of Middlebury College’s famed Language Schools.

The Academy’s approach to language learning, modeled after the pedagogy utilized at Middlebury College's renowned Language Schools, gives students the opportunity to spend four weeks immersed in language and culture. By signing the Language Pledge®, students commit to speaking in their target language 24/7, while engaging in meaningful cultural exploration projects, resulting in unrivaled language gains.

In an immersion environment learning happens not just in the classroom but also on the soccer field, at the dinner table, in the dorm room and during community excursions. As a student at the Academy—through the support of teachers, residential staff and your own peers—you will make tremendous gains in your language skills.

Living on campus—at one of our two U.S. locations or five study abroad locations—provides a unique pre-college experience, one that fosters independence and personal growth and prepares students for college and beyond. In college applications, you can differentiate yourself as motivated, language-savvy and culturally versed. You can also demonstrate, in the most real way possible, that you are dedicated to global citizenship and intercultural exchange.

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About the Academy

About the Academy

Choose to spend your four weeks of immersion on a beautiful college campus or abroad immersed in language and culture.

Why Immersion?

Why Immersion?

Our summer immersion program is about creating a community where every moment becomes an opportunity for language exploration.

Curriculum and Classes

Curriculum & Classes

Our curriculum is designed to engage and immerse students in language and culture—from beginners to advanced speakers.

Language Pledge

Language Pledge®

The Pledge is a commitment to communicate in language at all times during the summer of immersive language study.

College Preparation at the Language Academy

College Preparation

The Academy offers an enriching high school experience that will set you apart during the college admissions process and beyond.

Faculty & Staff at the Academy

Faculty & Staff

Our language instructors are exceptional teachers of Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Arabic.



Help your students stand out: four weeks of immersion language learning.

Language Academy Partnerships


Consider a partnership with the Academy to expand opportunities for students to learn another language.

“The students learn at an exponential rate; it’s astounding the progress that they make.”

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