Transportation FAQs

Do you offer transportation to and from the program?

While we do offer shuttle service from designated airports and train stations and organize a discounted group flight for study abroad students, all travel is booked by and paid by the families of Academy students.

Is there a specific window for arrival and departure?

Students should aim to arrive between noon and 5 p.m. on the first day of the program. However, we can accommodate student arrival anytime during the day, knowing that flights are sometimes delayed. Similarly, pickup should occur between 8 a.m. and noon on the last day of the program, but we are able to accommodate departures in the early afternoon as well.

Do you provide shuttle service?

Yes. A shuttle bus and Academy chaperone will pick students up and drop them off at the closest airport or train station depending on the location of the program you will be attending. If at all possible, we recommend students in need of shuttle service to arrive between the hours of 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. Please note that shuttle service is only offered to students arriving and departing on the designated days and from the specified locations. Students arriving from other locations or on later days will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from campus.

Do you provide a list of the airports and train stations designated for shuttle service?

The closest airport to Saint Michael’s College is Burlington (BTV), which is about ten minutes from campus. The closest train station to SMC is in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Can you accommodate alternate arrival times?

We can’t house students in the dorms before the program begins. Additionally, we will not be able to pick students up from the airport or train station if they arrive the day before or after the official start of the program, as our Residential Educators and instructors will already be on campus with the other students.

If admitted, does the program help arrange for transportation abroad?

Yes! Once a student is admitted, we send a link to book travel on our reserved, chaperoned flights for our programs in Granada and Beijing. While students in our study abroad groups aren't expected to travel alone, they should be confident with airports and asking directions. We offer chaperoned flights to Granada and Beijing, but it is certainly possible for students to travel on their own and meet up with the rest of the students at the designated airport. Please note, while our program does arrange for a chaperoned flight, we do not cover the costs of transportation. 

Do you provide a list of the airports designated for the chaperoned flights abroad?

Once a student is admitted, we will send more information and a link to book travel on our reserved, chaperoned flight. Normally, students will depart from a designated airport in the U.S. and arrive at Beijing (PEK) for Beijing study abroad and Madrid (MAD) and then to Federico García Lorca Airport in Granada (GRX) for Granada study abroad. Students will then take a shuttle or bus from the airpot to campus.

Can a chaperone accompany my child to the airport through security and to the gate to ensure they make their flight?

We ensure students check in, get to security and make it through security. However, we are not able to go through security without a ticket. If you wish for a chaperone to go with your child past security and to their gate, please contact the airline to ask about their unaccompanied minor policy as they could certainly arrange for someone to take your child from security to the gate. Please note that there is typically an additional fee associated with registering your child as an unaccompanied minor.

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