Student Assessment

Student Assessment FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the student assessment process at the Academy.

How does the program measure student progress without tests and quizzes?

The main objective of the program is for students to gain language proficiency through immersion. As the program progresses, students gain confidence communicating in language within real-life settings and develop an understanding of and appreciation for new cultures. Students know they are progressing when they begin to think in language instead of having to translate internally. Some students even start to dream in language.

How much progress do the students typically see over the course of the program?

Typically, we see students gain a full year of language growth during the four-week program. This past summer, 90% of beginning students gained a full language level on the ACTFL proficiency scale and roughly 45% of students gain two or more levels.

Have there been students that don’t pick up the language at all?

All of our students learn. Although some may excel more than others, passionate instructors and the supportive student community really make immersion a powerful tool for ensuring that all students come away with new language skills.

Do you have any placement information on graduates from the Academy?

We do not. However, colleges are always impressed to see that a student is serious enough about foreign language study to spend four weeks of their summer vacation to a rigorous immersion program. We also hear from students that they often skip a language level when returning to school in the fall.

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