Packing FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about what to pack for the Academy.

What are students expected to bring?

Students are expected to bring clothing, toiletries and personal items, as well as any extracurricular equipment that they might want such as a musical instrument or sports gear. Everything else will be provided once the students arrive on site. One set of linens is provided for all students at the start of the program.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Students should pack comfortable clothing appropriate for warm weather and various activities, including shoes comfortable for walking. In addition to a bathing suit and athletic clothing, students should bring formal clothing for the convocation and graduation ceremonies. Please refrain from packing clothing that is wildly revealing or clothing that has potentially offensive messages written on it. We also ask that students aim to bring clothing without English written on it, to aid in creating a fully immersive campus environment.

Are there places on campus where students can buy toiletries?

Yes, there are several convenience stores near campus, only a few minutes walk from the dorm.

Should I bring a converter to charge electronic devices while I am abroad?

Although the site office will provide chargers, if you have an electronic converter, it would be a good idea to bring it.

Can I bring school work or SAT materials to study?

For maximum language growth, we ask students to refrain from utilizing materials that have any written English. Since the Academy only lasts four weeks, we feel that students can remain truly immersed in their target language and still have enough time to complete SAT prep and summer reading after the program.

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