Extracurriculars & Free Time

Extracurriculars & Free Time FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about free time and extracurriculars at the Academy.

Is it possible for me to continue my extracurriculars while at the Academy?

While we recognize that many of our students are talented in areas beyond enthusiasm for language acquisition, for reasons of program integrity and safety, we do not permit students to schedule individual athletic coaching, music lessons or other non–Academy related activities during the program.

However, students are encouraged to continue their individual activities and interests within the parameters of the program provided they maintain the rules and policies of the Academy, including the Language Pledge®, behavioral expectations and location guidelines.

Are the students kept active?

We do not offer organized sports. However, many of the students can be found playing pick–up soccer or other recreational sporting activities during their free time in the afternoon. Students can often visit the weight room during free time or go on long distance runs, accompanied by Academy staff members.

I am an athlete. Will I be able to continue training while I am at camp?

We have many student-athletes attend the Academy, so you would fit right in. Students will be able to continue their training in the mornings before breakfast and during afternoon free time. They will have access to the workout facilities on campus, including the gym, track and pool, if available. Students who wish to run off-campus should include this in their Residential Life Preferences form to ensure that the proper supervision and safety precautions are taken care of before arrival.

I will be in the area during the Academy. May I take my child off–campus for a meal or afternoon activity?

We understand that you may want to visit your child while the Academy is in session. However, we ask that it is brief, so students can stay immersed in language as much as possible. Additionally, please refrain from visiting your child during the first week of the session, as this makes their transition into campus life more difficult. After the first week, you may briefly take your child off campus. However, we discourage frequent excursions, since this undermines the immersion experience of the program.

Can I visit my child if his or her birthday falls during the program?

Yes, it is possible to visit briefly with your child on his or her birthday. You could also offer a birthday cake for your child and their friends to enjoy at the Academy with a message in the target language!

Does the program arrange for student activities during the 4th of July weekend?

Yes, students will watch the local Independence Day parade and the evening fireworks in town, in addition to fun daytime activities at our U.S. Immersion sites.

Will the students in the study abroad programs travel around the program's central location?

Students at our study abroad Academies will explore the surrounding area through visits to cultural and historic locations. And there may be some day trips on the weekend. For the most part, they will not travel far from their host city since the focus of the program is language acquisition and the language culture surrounding the study abroad site rather than on travel specifically.

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