Campus Facilities & Living Arrangements

Campus Facilities & Living Arrangements FAQs

Find out answers to frequently asked questions about campus facilities and living arrangements at the Academy.

Where do the Academy students live?

The students are housed on campus in dorms at their respective programs. Living arrangements may vary by location, but in general, dorms are co-ed by floor with one Residential Educator for every 15 students. Most rooms are typically doubles.

Are there pictures of the dorm rooms students will be staying in?

We have a few photos of typical dorm rooms available on our site, but they vary by program location.

Is it possible to attend the program and live off–campus?

Unfortunately, no. We feel that living off campus detracts from the Academy experience, because it breaks the 24/7 immersion environment and hinders participation in the evening and weekend activities.

How are roommates chosen?

Accepted students will fill out a roommate preference form and a pre-placement language assessment, which pairs them with someone of the same gender, similar age and language proficiency. Please note that these pre-placement assessments are used solely for housing purposes and have no effect on class placement. Roommates can be requested. However, placement ultimately depends on language skill. Our philosophy is for students to learn from each other and also learn to live with people who are different from them. To that end, we do not allow roommate switches. Please note that we expect the target language to be maintained at all times, including in the dorms.

What kinds of on–campus facilities are available for student use?

Facilities vary by location, but most campus facilities are available to our students and may include athletic fields, a pool, volleyball and basketball courts and running trails. Students will have scheduled and free-time opportunities to use the facilities as part of the language-learning program. If you have questions regarding access to specific facilities, please contact us.

Do you provide tours of campus?

We do not. However, we do offer photos and aerial footage of Saint Michale's College on our website.

How far are the dorms from the classrooms?

You can easily walk from one side of campus to the other in a matter of minutes, so the dorms are close to the classrooms, library and dining hall.

Are the buildings air-conditioned?

No, they are not. Few homes in Vermont have air conditioning, as it tends to cool off nicely at night. Students should plan to bring a fan with them, if possible.

Will the students have access to wifi?

Students will have access to the Internet during call home times. We recommend using Skype for calling from our study abroad locations as it is free and doesn't rely on a phone with phone card and service.

Do the dorm rooms have outlets?

Yes, dorm rooms will have plenty of outlets.

Are students expected to do their own laundry?

Yes, all students are expected to be able to do their own laundry, a good first learning experience for many students! Facilities are located in the dorms, and detergent is available for sale on campus. For more information on laundry facilities, visit the Housing & Facilities page for the campus where you will be studying.

Where will the students eat?

The campus dining halls will provide students with three meals a day. Students will also be provided snacks in between meals.

Are there accommodations for students with allergies or dietary restrictions?

The food services at our U.S. immersion program locations are well-equipped to deal with dietary restrictions and food allergies. Please let us know about any allergies as early in the application process as possible.

Families with concerns about food allergies or dietary restrictions should reach out to us before applying to any of our study abroad programs, so that we can determine if our partner facilities are able to accommodate your needs.

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