Accepted Students

Accepted Students FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions once you are accepted to the Academy.

Where do I go to fill out the necessary paperwork after I have been accepted?

Once accepted, all of the necessary forms will be emailed to you. These forms will also be accessible online either under the “My Checklist” tab of your account or in CampDocs.

Is the CampDocs account linked to the Middlebury account?

No, it is a separate account where students can upload all medical paperwork. Information will be provided upon acceptance.

Does the self assessment questionnaire refer to the student’s language skills in their native language or their chosen language of study?

The self-assessment questionnaire refers to their chosen language of study.

Is the self assessment questionnaire used to determine class placement?

No, this assessment is used solely to help determine appropriate housing arrangements. There will be a test administered upon arrival to determine class placement.

When will I receive a copy of the updated handbook?

Accepted students will be emailed the handbook as soon as it is released.

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