Academy Employment

Academy Employment FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about employment at the Academy.

Is housing provided for faculty and staff?

Yes, the majority of faculty and staff live on campus.

What are the requirements for applying as a Residential Advisor?

As primary language mentors outside the classroom, Residential Advisors have a crucial role in student language development as well as community safety and well–being. RAs must be juniors or seniors in college or young professionals who have finished college with a high degree of motivation and maturity. Applicants are expected to be passionate about language and have experience studying abroad. Additionally, they must provide leadership and serve as a role model for the students by upholding the policies and procedures of the Academy at all times. This means that RAs must be committed both to maintaining the Language Pledge® themselves and providing encouragement for students.

Are the Residential Advisors required to speak in language 24/7?

When working with the students in their Academy, we do ask that the staff speak only the target language. In off hours, of course, the staff can speak in whatever language they prefer as long as no students are within earshot.

What are the deadlines for accepting applications?

We do not have any specific deadline but do hire in order to maintain a 12:1 student to teacher ratio and a 15:1 student to Residential Advisor ratio.

When do faculty and staff arrive on campus?

Usually, faculty and staff staff arrive the week before the students for a brief training period and to familiarize themselves with campus.