Elementary Spanish Language Course on Computer

Johns Hopkins University’s Evaluation of the Middlebury Interactive Languages Program

Read a case study and see results of an online survey regarding Middlebury Interactive's world language program implementation quality and value.

During the 2012-13 school year, Middlebury Interactive engaged Johns Hopkins University to conduct an initial third-party mixed-methods evaluation study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education. The Center surveyed teachers, lab monitors, and program administrators using Middlebury Interactive courses across different implementation models; as well as interviewed teachers and students from one school using the Middlebury Interactive Fluency I course in a blended learning environment.

A mixed-methods approach was employed, via the online survey and case study involving students and teachers at Jessamine County Schools in Nicholasville, Kentucky, to gather the reactions and experiences of those using Middlebury Interactive programs and provide informative preliminary evidence of program implementation quality and impacts. The case study also included administration of an independent proficiency exam (STAMP), as well as review of the teacher and online course gradebook scores.

Download the full research paper to learn more about the study's findings.