Classroom Poster: Why Learn Another Language?

Classroom Poster: Why Learn Another Language?

Download and share our free classroom poster to educate students on the benefits of bilingualism.

There are many proven benefits to learning another language—from better grades and improved standardized test scores to increased creativity and empathy. Share some of these benefits with your students by downloading our free poster and hanging it in the classroom.

Why learn another language? Because...

  • It can raise your grades in other subjects.
  • You’ve always wanted to be an international spy, right?
  • Your future best friend may speak it.
  • It can help you conquer those bubble tests.
  • It makes you more creative.
  • It’s good for your brain.
  • It can help you get into your dream college.
  • It can help you land an awesome job.
  • The bigger your world is, the bigger your heart.

This classroom poster was developed in collaboration with WeAreTeachers.