Idioms Students Should Know Poster

Classroom Poster: 9 Expressions Every Student Should Know

A quick reference guide to common English language idioms.

English idioms can be tricky for ALL students to understand, especially English Language Learners. Download a classroom poster that Middlebury Interactive Languages developed in collaboration with WeAreTeachers. Print and hang this fun poster in the classroom, or give each student a copy to serve as a quick reference guide to common English expressions they might hear at school.

9 Expressions Every Middle Schooler Should Know

  1. Brainstorm: To spend time thinking about possibilities or ideas
  2. Think outside the box: To think creatively or beyond norms or expectations
  3. Go the extra mile: To put in additional effort in order to succeed
  4. Put on your thinking cap:A request to think about something
  5. See eye to eye: To agree with someone
  6. Take a stand:To defend a position, belief or person
  7. Speak your mind:To say what you are thinking or feeling
  8. Persevere in the face of adversity: To keep trying or doing something even when it’s difficult
  9. Actions speak louder than words: You know more about someone by what they do than what they say