Chinese Language Learning Guide

Chinese Language Learning Guide

Why Learn Chinese?

More than 848 million people in the world—about one fifth of the world’s entire population—speak Mandarin (a part of the Chinese language family), making it the language with the largest number of native speakers. Students studying Chinese are introduced to a world of ancient history and culture. And since China is rising as a leading nation in the global marketplace, students who master Mandarin are sure to become valuable candidates for employment in many global industries and companies.

Language Learning Exercises for Chinese

Since the Academy is canceled this summer, we've put together a Chinese language learning guide that will help you with your Chinese practice this summer.

Here are different exercises you can choose from daily this summer to build or stay on top of your Chinese skills:

  1. Write 1 or 2 sentences in Chinese to sum up your day. For tips on writing in Chinese, read this extremely helpful guide.
  2. Listen to a song in Chinese. Here's a list of 12 Chinese songs you have to listen to.
  3. Watch a video or movie in Chinese. Here's a list of movies to get you rooted in Chinese culture.
  4. Learn a new verb and here's an extra resource on how to use it.
  5. Read a tongue twister and attempt to say it out loud. Better yet, post a video of your attempt and tag a friend to challenge them! #AcademyTongueTwisterChallenge
  6. Count from 1 to 100 in Chinese (beginners watch this).
  7. Learn how to write a new character.
  8. Read a page or more in a book written in Chinese. You can find tips on reading Chinese here. You can find 10 free sources for reading materials in Chinese here.
  9. Have a family member or friend who speaks Chinese? Do an activity with them completely in language, even if you have to resort to hand gestures. Remember to keep a translation dictionary and small notebook on hand to learn and remember new words.

We hope these exercises and resources prove to be helpful for your language learning journey. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep in touch!

Chinese Language Learning