Wrapping Up MMLA 2014

July 16, 2014

Only one full day of MMLA remains! It’s hard to believe that everything is finally coming to an end. Although the days may be winding down, energy levels remain high as everyone anticipates graduation, the final dance and the ultimate lifting of the Language Pledge.

Today’s theme was “working as a volunteer,” so the morning assembly featured a skit which took place in a soup kitchen. Both servers and less fortunate spoke about the reasons why they involved themselves with the kitchen: either to give back to the community or to take advantage of a much-needed service.

Later, since we were facing thunderstorms, we moved all of the students to UpperTarble for study hour and evening assembly. Although the rain dampened the ground, it did not dampen our spirits—the classes put together creative, funnypresentations including a Romeo and Juliet parody (in which Romeo and Juliet were from different academies), goodbye poem to MMLA. Then, we all watched a slideshow featuring photos from the program.

We have some exciting events planned for our last day, including a graduation ceremony and final dance. It’s already clear that students and staff alike will have fond memories to take home from MMLA. I wish everyone all the best in the academic year to come!   

-Julia Campbell, RA