When Jeh Kulu Came to MIL

Today, French Academy students explored the wonders of West African dance with local troupe Jeh Kulu!

July 3, 2017

Monday, ah Monday. While this word is usually enough to make most people feel blue, that's never the case here at MIL. Today, after an amazing weekend, students rushed off back to classes, excited to practice what they know, and to learn even more!

The Chinese Academy rushed back into life today, as students began their second week of classes. Today, many of them reviewed topics covered last week, while also beginning new activities. Students learned more about Chinese dance and art throughout cultural exploration, and learned more about Chinese cuisine as well through another street fair! 

Meanwhile, German Academy (who were in especially great spirits after Germany's  FIFA Confederations Cup win yesterday), spent time learning about how to exercise in German. In addition, they also learned more about German films in order to prepare for the upcoming "Kino Night" this week! 

Finally, the French Academy had an especially exciting day today! French students today spent their cultural exploration time learning more about Mahgrebi culture by making Henna tatoos in class! In addition, students spent time learning about and discussing Le Ancien Régime of France, and other French songs as well. 

As the evening began, French Academy students gathered for a special event. To help expose them to Francophone West African culture, MIL had the pleasure of hosting Jeh Kulu! Jeh Kulu are a West African drum & dance troupe from Burlington, Vermont, and are extremely passionate about showing off West Africa's rich musical tradition! With members of Jeh Kulu directing, students had the chance to get their groove on by learning both a Senegalese dance and by taking part in a drum circle! To close out the night, Jeh Kulu also put on a jaw-dropping, incredible performance for students as well! If you'd like to check out some videos of this spectacle, head on over to our Facebook page!

That's all for today! Take a look at some of the highlights either here or on Facebook, and make sure to come back tomorrow for a 4th of July special!