Welcome to the German Academy!

June 29, 2016

Dear Parents,

The Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academy is off to a wonderful start, and the German Academy is having a fantastic time! The staff enjoyed welcoming all the new students on arrival day and showing them their new home in North Hall.

The first night kicked off with the convocation led by our Summer Site Manager, Carlos San Juan Garcia. By Wednesday morning, it was time for class, and the students did a great job with beginning their German language journeys. That evening, the students made the official commitment to improving their language skills with the Spracheid, or language pledge. In front of Günther the Gnome, our German Academy mascot, students signed their name with the knowledge that for the next four weeks, only German will be spoken. It was a lovely ceremony and the students looked very well dressed.

After a day of class and cultural exploration, the students participated in an Inter-Academy field day with six stations, each containing a task for the academy groups to complete such as potato sack races, a Rock Paper Scissors tournament, and the Human Knot challenge. The students relaxed that evening during a movie night while watching the German version of Kung Fu Panda and snacking on popcorn.

To end a busy week, the students participated in more activities after class on Friday such as cloud watching, soccer, and board games. The evening program included a review of what students had completed that week during class. Frau C’s class presented a song called “Wenn du fröhlich bist.” Herr Kutcha’s class answered questions in front of their peers about the material they learned. Mrs. Roper’s class reported out on the things they learned about the education system in German speaking countries and the challenges of choosing to study and live abroad.

All in all, the staff is very impressed by our students and their commitment to learning German.  We are looking forward to the next couple weeks!

Britta Roper