Welcome to the 2014 Comillas Academy

June 12, 2014

Dear Comillas Academy students and families,

Welcome to the Comillas Academy from Kim Griffin and Alejandro Saravia, the Academic Director and Residential Life Director! Let us introduce ourselves: Kim previously was the Academic Director of the Comillas Foundation and is currently a Research Scholar at the University of Cantabria. She has served as an Associate Professor of Spanish at Middlebury College, as well as the Resident Director of the Middlebury College School of Spanish in Spain, the program from which MMLA is based. This will be Alejandro’s fourth year as part of the MMLA summer program and his second with leadership responsibilities.

We are currently working in Comillas to prepare the site and the events that will make the Academy a great success. We have customized the curriculum with wonderful language immersion opportunities in Comillas, the ideal place not only to learn Spanish, but also to be immersed into the Spanish culture. We will be rediscovering history that started thousands of years ago, and events that are still current, like the coronation of Felipe VI, which will take place just a few days before your arrival.

Here are a few tips and advice while you prepare for your four weeks in Spain:

Mother Nature will protect us, but we have to help her and do our part. Be prepared for rain. Bring shoes for waking in rain, a rain jacket and your umbrella. Be prepared for sun. Bring sunscreen and a hat.

We are located between “Los Picos de Europa” (mountains) and the Cantabria Sea; the city is hilly. Bring your flip-­‐flops if you want to use them in the hotel, but you will need closed shoes to walk in the streets.

We have contacted the public library in Comillas so you can rent books from them. Please, bring a picture for your library card in color and the same size as a regular American drivers license. (You can print it at home.

We are looking forward to having you here at Comillas. Parents, please remember that your son or daughter will be able to call home twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday, at 11:00 pm local time (times in the U.S. vary, e.g., 5 pm EST). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate calling our central office, or email us at mmla.comillas@middleburyinteractive.com.

Best regards,

Kim Griffin and Alejandro Saravia