The weekend is here!

After a full week of classes, the weekend has come and students are ready to relax!

July 9, 2016

It’s Saturday! And you know what that!

After a full week of classes, students earned a well-deserved day of rest, in which they had the chance to catch up on sleep and relax with their friends.

Although there were no classes being held today, there were still several activities going on around the campus. Here is a brief overview of some of them:

  • Meditation: Students had the chance to seek their inner peace, as they meditated and appreciated silence for a whole hour
  • Costume Time: Students dressed in costumes and performed mini-improvised skits in the theater room
  • Crêpe Class: Students learned how to make crêpes, while also watching a French film
  • Early Morning Runs: In order to beat the rain, lots of students rose early to get in some morning exercise before the rain made its way over

Also, in the evening, the students were exposed to contra dancing, which is a form of folk dance. With a live band leading the way, students learned about the ins and outs of folk dance...and that it's actually quite easy—and fun!

Laughter was in the air during the folk dance session, since everyone was a beginner! Best of all, however, was that it allowed for everyone to connect. Many parts of the dance required people to "switch" partners, so the students had to branch out of their usual friend group!

All in all, it was a great experience for the students—and, it was all in French!

However, the main source of entertainment today was the anticipation and ever-growing excitement for the main event tomorrow: The Academy Olympics!

The Academies from Green Mountain College (Arabic, Spanish and German) will be making the two-hour trek to St. Michael’s campus tomorrow morning, in order to participate in the annual Academy Olympics—an event involving roughly 600 students in total.

With hundreds and hundreds of students on campus tomorrow, the atmosphere is bound to be lively, generating lots of excitement and Academy-Pride from all of Middlebury Interactive’s Summer Language Academies.

Stay tuned… Colchester 2016!!!!!

Costume time!