A Warm Welcome to GMC!

June 24, 2018


¡Bonjour and hola from Green Mountain College!

We are so excited to welcome your students to the French and Spanish Summer Language Academies! For the past week, the staff has been enthusiastically preparing for your child's arrival at the GMC campus. From decorating dorms to crafting creative lesson plans, all of us have worked together to create a fantastic experience for your student.

Check-in started at 11 A.M. with students arriving from all around the country! The process has gone smoothly, and students are settling into their respective residence halls. For dinner, students ate baked chicken, green peas, mashed potatoes, penne alfredo, and also had a wide range of choices from the salad and deli bar! They are currently on their way to the Convocation, where they will meet administrators, learn a bit more about the Language Pledge before they sign it tomorrow, and divide into Spanish and French ceremonies. Lots of fun activities are planned, but they'll have to stay a surprise for now! ;)

In the meantime, your students have already been making meaningful connections with each other. The RA's have engaged them with puzzles, billiards, frisbee, and a taste of the languages that they'll be speaking for the next few weeks.

Thank you for entrusting us with your students for the summer. We know how much of a commitment this is for your families, and we hope to create a vibrant, optimal, engaging, AND entertaining learning experience for your kids! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for daily photos and updates, as well as our Instagram (@languageacademy) for frequent "Story" posts and additional photos.

The link to Facebook photos from the Spanish Academy is here, and the link to pictures from the French Academy is here.

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