Vive la Révolution!

Here's a look at the French Academy's Bastille Day Celebration!

July 14, 2017

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge! Happy Bastille Day, everyone! 

For those who didn't see the post to our Facebook Page this morning, the French Academy has been rocked by Revolution! The Ancien Régime has been overthrown, and the French Academy stands stronger than ever! 

The revolt took place this morning, during the French Academy's daily assembly. French Language Monarch, Becky Kelley, arrested and attempted to imprison several students without cause. Within moments, the students leapt from their chairs, shouting chants such as "Allez les Bleus!", and "Bleu, Blanc, Rouge!". The students stormed the stage, sending the monarch on the run! The students, however, successfully captured her, and the whole French Academy sang "La Marseillaise" and "La Fille du Regiment" in celebration! Vive la Révolution!

After all the excitement had died down, students proceeded with classes and activities as normal. 

To cap off a victorious day, French Academy students returned to their dorms for a celebratory banquet. Their academy pride was palpable they danced to French music, enjoyed patriotic cookies, and reveled in all of their success. 

Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

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