A Visit to the Purple Bamboo Park, Interacting with Locals, and Exploring New Culture Classes

Hear from Julia E, Tyler A, and Parker M!

July 13, 2017

Julia E:

This morning, students had the opportunity to explore the Purple Bamboo Park nearby the university where they connected with the locals: asking the locals what activities they enjoyed doing at the park in the morning. Excited by these opportunities to explore the Chinese culture, many students decided to join the various activities that were held at the Purple Bamboo Park such as boat riding.



Tyler A:

Ni Hao! Today has been a long day. This morning I was woken up by a RA (Residential Advisor) this morning knoking on my door. He gave me the days schedule. Today was a different schedule then most days because we did our afternoon activity in the morning and our chineses classes in the evining. We at 9:30 we walked to the closest park to the school called in english Purple Bamboo Park. The walk to the park took ten minutes. The park was bigger that I expected. My chinese teacher assigned my class some questions to ask some locals about what they like to do at the park. So, I walked around the park with a group of friends asking random people questions. After coming back from the park my class went out for lunch together, we went to this small resturant off the main drag. The food was very good. The RA ordered too much, so we had to take some food in boxes back to the school. After lunch I had kung fu class outside, it was vey hot. In the afternoon we had classes and a study hall.


Parker M:

We started our day off at morning assembly. In morning assembly we listened to Mo and Kate Lao Shi talk about the power of a language pledge program and the ability it can have on your success in learning a language. After their presentation, we sang my good friend Katherine and Dariush happy birthday. Katherine is my classmate, in San Ban (Translates to class three), so we made an effort to sing happy birthday to her everywhere we went! After assembly we walked to Purple Bamboo Park. At this park we talked to local Chinese people about everything ranging from American pop-culture to their morning Tai Chi routine. After our time at the park we ate lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and sang happy birthday to Katherine once more and ate cake! After lunch, we went to our culture class. Today I participated in ink calligraphy writing! To say the least it is not easy. Soon after my culture class ended, I headed to my three sessions of class. In class we learned about traveling and necessary vocabulary to travel and what it is like to travel through China. Class ended today at 5:20, so after class I went on run with friends and then out to dinner! Today was very eventful and I am looking forward to our future adventures in Beijing!