Top Ten Moments from Week Two!

July 9, 2017

And another amazing week here at Green Mountain College has come to an end! Although every moment here at our campus of the MIL Summer Academy is precious, I thought it would be interesting to really show off ten of the coolest things that happened in the past week! So without further ado (and in no particular order), here's the list! 

#10: Exploring Burlington

  • Before the International Field Day yesterday, students from GMC had the chance to explore downtown Burlington together! With Burlington being such a culturally vibrant city, it's safe to say the students had a blast! 

#9: Cultural Immersion through Cuisine

  • Throughout this week, students have been learning more about the culture of their respective academies through some amazing dishes! From Chinese dumplings to German Weiner Schnitzel and French Poutine, students have had a chance to sample the finest of their culture's dishes! 

#8: Zigue Quebecois

  • Today, students from the French Academy were treated to a live performance of Zigue Quebecois! Zigue Quebecois are a musical duo that fully embrace their Quebecois heritage, and really showed off the richness of Quebec's muscial tradition with the students! 

#7: Chinese Academy Tea Ceremony

  • To cap off a full week of cultural immersion classes at MIL, some Chinese Academy students took part in a tea ceremony! Here, they learned more about the importance of tea in Chinese culture, and got to enjoy several different traditional styles as well! 

#6: Fireworks for the Fourth of July

  • Students watched a spectacular fireworks display to cap off the Fourth of July! 

#5: Sunday Morning Shenanigans

  • Today, students enjoyed a much mellower start to their day after the excitement of the field day yesterday. Every moment, though, was still full of fun! Students played Volleyball and Soccer, hung out in their dorms, and the German Academy even went on a short hike! 

#4: Jeh Kulu

  • On Monday, French Academy students enjoyed an exciting session with Jeh Kulu! Jeh Kulu are a West African Drum & Dance troupe based in Vermont, and spent some quality time getting the students excited about West African dance and music! French Academy students learned traditional West African dances and songs together, and then got to watch a smashing performance from Jeh Kulu themselves!  

#3: The Fourth of July Parade

  • To kick off Independence Day here at Green Mountain College, students took part in Poultney's annual Fourth of July Parade! Students had a blast marching through scenic downtown Poultney, and also showed off a lot of academy pride as well! 

#2: Language Pledge Renewals and Awards 

  • As the week came to an end, students gathered for a final assembly to mark the transition into their third week. During this ceremony, they presented some of the things they had learned in their classes, and fully renewed their committment to the Language Pledge. Teachers also took the time to recognize students for their excellence in their target language, and students who have improved significantly since day one. After the ceremony ended, students were excited for sure to keep up their great work! 

#1: The MIL Academy International Field Day

  • This event was one of the most memorable of the week, and likely will be one for the entire academy as well! On Saturday, students from both campuses here in Vermont gathered at St. Michael's for a Field Day of an Olympic scale! This day was all about competition, passion, and unity for our academy family! Make sure to check out our Facebook page for all the pictures and videos from this day, as well as our broadcast of the final Academy Spirit Contest!

And now we're off to another week! I hope you've enjoyed this retrospective look into the second week of the Academy! Check back in tomorrow for more updates from Green Mountain College! 

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