Tong Chen: Captured???

July 14, 2016

This morning, the Chinese Academy was ambushed: Tong Chen—the Academy’s Language Director—was kidnapped and captured by the French Academy!

For those who didn’t see the “BREAKING NEWS” post, the French Academy ambushed and surprised everyone when they captured Tong Chen in the middle of the Chinese Academy’s morning assembly.

It was—in every sense—a defeat on the side of the Chinese Academy. The French now have the upper hand!

Nevertheless, after Tong Chen’s eventual release, the Chinese Academy went about their daily routine, not letting this Academy defeat disrupt their momentum in the classroom.

As usual, the lessons varied class by class, some focusing on past coursework and others starting new topics. Here’s an overview of what went on in some:

  • Olympic-learning: Students learned about the Olympics and all the sporting events that take place during an Olympic Games. Specifically, they focused on the Beijing Olympics from 2008. Students watched the opening ceremony to the 2008 games and learned about some of the more notable Chinese athletes from that Olympic Year.
  • The “Four” Inventions: Students learned about the “four” inventions of China, which include gunpowder, papermaking, printing and the compass. According to Chinese culture, these four inventions have had an enormous impact on the world.
  • The Doctor’s Office: In another class, students learned how to visit the doctor’s office, except in Chinese, of course! They practiced the needed vocabulary words to explain to nurses and doctors what symptoms they have, and then ask what they need to do to recover. At the end of class, students created and presented skits, in which they acted out a doctor’s office visit in small groups.
  • Transportation: Continuing their work from yesterday, one class of students worked on their conversational skills with transportation vernacular. They built upon their base of words that they learned from the day before.

After classes were over, students followed their usual schedule of meals and afternoon activities with the REs—sports, board games, etc.

After dinner, the Academy regrouped in front of their dormitories and then broke up into various clubs and interest groups. Once these were over, students had a small spell of free-time, and then had to flock to the rooms to wrap up the day.

So, even though the Academy had to accept defeat to the French in the morning, they still managed to overcome it!

Alas, anyone can handle success...few can bounce back from defeat! The Chinese Academy is among the few! 

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