Thursday with l'Académie Française

July 7, 2016

Today, students had their typical class schedule—however, the classes themselves were anything but typical. Ranging from tie-dying t-shirts to creating mini sculptures, today’s classes were engaging, interactive and distinctly fun!

Here’s a list of what went on in today’s classes:

  • Students tie-dyed t-shirts
  • A lesson on French Impressionism, which was followed by the students painting their own pieces of impressionism
  • Lessons on how to do henna hand-drawings, and then putting their new knowledge to use; students did henna drawings on each other’s hands
  • Students created small Francophone sculptures that are now on display 
  • Dance lessons: students learned about the new, up-to-date dance styles that are found in French culture
  • Students learned about French classical music and its correlation to the language’s culture

The most excitement, however, was the fact that students had the chance to access their cellphones and other technological devices—in other words, students were able to return to the real world for a bit, as they reconnected with their family, friends and got updated with everything that’s been going on lately.

During this brief period of time, students were also getting the cellphone numbers of their newly-made friends, and then began following them on Twitter and Instagram.

However, once the time was up, the phones had to be handed back into the possession of the REs. Once the phones were put away, the students returned to their full-immersion, alternative reality. Goodbye, real world!

Afterwards, most of the students made their way over to the computer lab, in order to work on their weekly projects. Broken up by their respective groups, all of the students were working tremendously hard to make sure each and every detail of their presentations were flawless.

After the projects, the students returned to their dormitories for some much-needed rest. Time to get ready for all that is to come tomorrow!

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