That's a Wrap for the Beijing Academy

July 26, 2019

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

Well, the time has finally come for your kids to come home. They will be boarding the plane tomorrow and are very excited to see you. While there were tears shed at the graduation ceremony as friendships are now facing distance, the students had a great final day with a nice, fancy meal.

Writing the blogs has helped me reflect on this summer experience as it was my first time working with high school students in this situation. I participated in a Language Pledge® environment before and I know it can be rough for the kids, but they pushed through it! I’m excited to see how their Chinese continues to improve and hope they have a great remainder of their childhoods.  Below, some of my coworkers have expressed their reflections on the summer. Again, Thank you!

—Dillan Phillips  (Blogger)

It’s my second year working at MIL Beijing program as an RA and I’m still passionate about it. This year we definitely had ups and downs with the students but we have overcome it together like a big family. The summer spent with the kids was so worthwhile and rewarding. It really impressed me how much their Chinese improved and how strong the connection between us all has become. I’ll definitely miss them and I wish them a good life with all my heart.

—FeiFei (RA)

I think it's a very memorable experience for all of us. From the beginning to the present, we have spent a month together. I still remember seeing the children for the first time. They are full of novelty and expectation for Beijing. In this month, they learned Chinese with Chinese teachers every morning to understand Chinese culture. Every afternoon the RAs would take part in activities with them, go to various scenic spots in Beijing, go to high school in Beijing, experience Chinese culture, and learn about life in Beijing. They also attended Chinese culture courses in the evening, including Chinese painting, calligraphy, Tai Chi and Wushu. In the course of their class, the teachers communicate with them actively. Each of them performs well and can give good feedback to the teachers. In this month, we found their loveliness, their mischievousness, their efforts and their improvement in Chinese. For us, it is a pleasure to see them grow and progress. For them, seeing their progress will make them feel more accomplished. Academic studies will also be more helpful. The end of each paragraph is also a new beginning. Although they are leaving Beijing soon, they left us many things to remember in this city. We will always remember this wonderful summer, and we will also wish every child good luck in their studies and happiness every day.

—WuJiaQi (RA)         

This summer was special because the sstudents were a group of angels in my life. Many of them didn't understand me when they arrived and become good kids who could chat with me. Their growth seems to be overnight. It was unpredictable, but it was full of surprises. The same is that they have brought me much joy, so I am more reluctant to leave this group. I hope this group of cute children are happy and have happiness all their lives.

—YanSong (RA)

It’s been a jam-packed month! Very inspiring to see those who put the work in grow, and share this experience in China with the students.

—Gideon (RA)

This month has been a rollercoaster. From meeting the students to getting ready to send them off, things were never predictable. I've learned so much from all of the students here and I feel extremely privileged to have been able to know each one of them. Through all of their mishaps, questions, and pledge warnings they brought a smile to my face every day. I feel so lucky to have been able to teach them wushu and help them in their Chinese language learning. I will always be grateful for this month with them.

—Bea (RA)

Watching a group of kids start as a group of strangers, unsure of how to speak to each other Chinese, then hearing them make speeches (in Chinese) on the last day about how MIL is like a family to them was pretty cool. Though the intensity of the program left students (and staff!) worn out at times, it also quickly made us into a tight-knit group, and we created a lot of great memories together this past month in Beijing.

—Katie (MIL Resident Director)

It’s been an absolutely amazing experience this last month! It’s a pleasure to get to know all the lovely students and spend such a wonderful time with them. I feel proud and happy for every step of progress they’ve made. Hearing them say that they’ve become more and more confident in speaking Chinese is probably the best reward!

—Elle or UN  (RA)

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