Teacher Profile - Elizabeth Miras

July 9, 2014

Elizabeth is from Seville, the capital of Andalucía in the south of Spain. She has been involved in training teachers of Spanish as a Second Language (ELE) since 2000, and has participated in Spanish programs all over the world-China, USA, Morrocco and several others. Currently Elizabeth directs an online post-graduate course on the ELE teaching methodology for the University of Alcalá and UDIMA (a distance learning university in Madrid). 

Elizabeth has taught for the MMLA program at Pomona College on several occasions. Her specialty is combining language and culture in what she calls “intercultural methodology in the language classroom”. Spanish teachers from Spain and from other countries benefit from her expertise through online courses.

Eli is finishing her doctoral thesis on the topic of the affective domain in the language classroom. 

She is passionate about her work and is a truly “born teacher”. She believes in teamwork and community learning as the base of learning opportunities.