Students Try on Traditional Cantabrian Costumes

July 8, 2014

Carlos Pérez Balbas and his wife, Maria Josefa “Curri” Fernandez Sampedro came to El Esplón to show their traditional Cantabrian costumes. They have several dresses, a few general decorations and a huge pride for their ancestors. We had one of the most beautiful experiences so far with people from Comillas. They live just across the street from El Espolón (our school). Once Saul, the person who is in charge of El Espolón, learned we could be interested in this intercultural experience, he contacted them to visit our Academy.

Their visit was one of the best cultural experiences we’ve ever had. It was not just the number of items they brought along and the diversity of the customs what made this activity so amazing, but more importantly the pride and love they profess for their country. The care Curri takes for everything that she produces with her bare hands is incredible and the love she put into the activity definitely came through in the show and tell activity. 

She even dressed three of our girls in different outfits, all from Cantabria, but not from the same region.