Students Travel to THE Great Wall of China!

Hear from Anna, Carter, and Dorje

July 10, 2017

Anna L:

"Let me start off by saying my legs are very sore. I thought I knew what it was like to be really sore, but let me tell you I did not, I promise.

Today we conquered the Great Wall, and great doesn’t even begin to cover it. You never knew if you were near the top, bottom, or next resting point (of which there were many.) I also don’t think I have ever been as proud of achieving a school-like field trip.

Writing my name on the wall is going to be a story I tell my grandchildren, and I cannot wait to see the look on their faces. When we reached the bottom, not only were we awarded with ice cream, but also with an experience will never be able to forget.

Followed by lunch at Burger King we boarded the buses for a three hour ride filled with laughter, friendship bracelet making, and of course lots of Chinese. I thought when coming here I wouldn’t be able to communicate with the people I was meeting as well, and that without words, we wouldn’t have as memorable experiences, but in fact, I have learned the opposite.

Language isn’t the only key to human interaction, but in fact is just the beginning. One reason why I love speaking Chinese so much is because of the way it makes your brain think, but I have learned on this trip, no matter the general customs, human nature is the same anywhere you go.

I have met so many amazing people already, and I cannot wait to see our communication skills grow and our personalities flourish.

We didn’t have Chinese class today, and to be honest, I missed it a little bit. Of course having three hours of classes in the morning is not ideal for your average teenager’s summer, but the people here are excited to learn and even more excited to see there learning help them in the real world.

I have learned more about communicating in Chinese than I have in the five years that I have been taking it, and I cannot wait to learn more in the weeks to come."


Carter L:

"Today the MIL students went to the Great Wall of China!

The trek to the Great Wall was quite strenuous; the students had to walk up several hundred stone stairs and dirt paths in order to reach the Wall. Not to mention the ninety one degree heat and the sun beating down while hiking up the trail.

Several stops were made, and several waters were downed, but everyone made it to the top! The view was breathtaking to say the least, the Wall was nothing like I had imagined. It’s remarkable architecture and delicate structure makes it so beautiful to walk along, especially admiring the almost never ending walk way.

The students walked close to two and a half miles along the wall, which may seem like a short distance, but they were walking up steep inclines, walking down steep inclines, and of course the many stops for photos.

The wall was also very crowded, far more crowded than I would have expected it to be. The fascinating thing was the wide variety of people and the multiple dialects that were spoken on this truly wonderful piece of history.

Everyone was sweaty and tired, but the view overpowered any feeling of exhaustion because it was seriously breathtaking. Mountain ranges that were visible in the distance with remnants of the very first pieces of the Great Wall were beautiful.

The journey down the Great Wall was not as bad as coming up, but by then everyone was hungry and tired and ready to grab some grub.

All in all this was the best day yet and I think every MIL student would agree with the fact that the Great wall’s name does not lie."


Dorje G:

"What can I say about today err, rather type about Saturday, July 08, 2017 is all class levels of the Middlebury Language Academy had the privilege to trek up to and hike on the Great Wall (of China), one of the world’s Seven Wonders.

Long story short it was hard. It was really, really hard. Coming from the guy who gets winded after a slow paced jog this might seem like I am over exaggerating, which is probably accurate, but believe me when I say that this trek up (and around) the wall was quite challenging for the majority of us.

However, enduring all of the steep inclines, rocky steps, giant ants, and teen aroma was indeed worth it, as the students of MIL were treated to the majestic view that the Great Wall had to offer."