The Students Have Landed!

June 26, 2017

Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, and 欢迎 everyone! Today, students of the French, Chinese, and German academies arrived at Green Mountain College. Throughout this busy day, students began to filter through the staff tables at registration. Here, they received “swag bags” and snazzy new language t-shirts, as well as (gasp) parted with all of their electronics. Many of the students even began conversing with their new teachers and RAs in their target languages.

Students soon began breaking off into residence groups, and participated in icebreakers and games with their new friends. Parents, meanwhile, took part in orientation with teachers and other staff, and said goodbye to their children as they left campus at 5:00.

At 6:30, students filed in for convocation. Here, they got a chance to have a formal introduction to their Site Managers, Language Heads, and teachers. After introductions, Language Directors Tong Chen (Chinese), Becky Kelley (French), and Britta Roper (German) also took the time to engage in some “friendly” trash talk and humor towards the other academies. Students capped off the night back in their dorms, excited for the coming weeks.

 After such a rewarding day, the students and staff of MIL at Green Mountain College are looking forward to an amazing four weeks of immersion. Here are some of the photos from yesterday, and tune in for daily updates of the happenings here!

Students gathered for Convocation