Students Eat at Beijing Duck Restaurant, Paint, and More!

Hear from Sophia, Ash, and Zachary

July 19, 2017


Ash R:

I suppose that it’s just my luck to write about what feels like the most relaxed day we’ve had among the usually activity-packed days here in Beijing. But hey, relaxed isn’t a bad thing--and it doesn’t mean that we’re not learning plenty.

Today’s lesson was on Chinese regional cuisine, which I’m sure will thrill my friends and family back home once they see my newfound takeout-ordering skills. Afterwards was lunch among our class level, followed by culture class. Today I took Chinese drawing (a challenging but rewarding class considering that I can barely draw in English) and each student painted a rooster.

I think that culture class is an excellent complement to language class, because it gives me a visual marker of just how much I’ve improved, in more than one way, since arriving in China. We had a large amount of free time today, which I spent playing cards with friends and being relieved that my MIL T-shirt tan wasn’t going to get any darker today. Our dinner today was a major affair, with each class going out to either Hot Pot or Peking Duck. My level, 2C, headed to hot pot, which was one of the most satisfying and fun meals I’ve had all month, and that’s saying a lot because the food here tends to be fantastic.

After all that eating I spent the rest of the evening together with friends in the dorm’s gym, since most of us were from the West Coast and had the latest phone call slot. Anyone receiving this blog is probably aware of how amazing the calls home can be--a chance to connect with family halfway around the world, update them on our lives, and impress everyone by slipping in a few Chinese vocab words here and there.

Overall, I thought that today was a much-needed pocket of calm in the rush of the month-long immersion--I can’t believe that we’ll be returning home in just about a week! I plan to make the most of the rest of my time in Beijing, and come home with more than a few stories to tell.

(My family would probably be annoyed if I didn’t shout them out, so: hHy, everyone! Love you.)



Zachary B:

Today was a somewhat dull day in the fast life of the Beijing Academy.

We had a slow day in that we did the normal routine of breakfast, Chinese class, cultural class. Then we had a study then a wheee bit of free time then to a nice restaurant where students either had Beijing Duck or Chinese Hotpot which is similar to fondue.

This has been a very quick week in the life of the a Chinese student we have done so much and its already Wednesday as you probably saw in the recent blog where we went to a shopping center, which was really fun and interesting to shop at American places in China.

This camp is a great experience for anyone to improve their Chinese language abilities in both reading/writer and Speaking/Listening. I love you all reading this I hope your day was good and successful May you live your life with peace, love and positivity.



To put things briefly, we only left campus once today. One could interprate this as a refreshing break from the short daily excursions. Once our work was done after study hall, cards were whipped out and a game of Majong was quickly erected. Afterwards, during free time I found refuge at a cyber café just around the corner from the university. I find comfort in unwinding to my favorite video game while studying abroad in a foreign country (I think it goes without saying that every game is truly a test, as all the players that use voice chat only speak Chinese.

Therefore, in order to be a worthwhile teammate, I must listen, understand, then respond. It’s really cool experiencing a game version exclusive only to China. All in Chinese. It’s numbing at times) Following, we, the 4th level class ate together at a Beijing duck restaurant. The restaurant was two floors, surprisingly large on the inside and artfully atmospheric. Here, the duck’s roasted skin is commonly believed to be the best part, and sugar is commonly sprinkled on it’s deep brown surface.

This is my second summer spent in Beijing. When my eyes cracked open this morning and gazed out from the tenth floor of the campus dorms, I could not tell if the grey haze was due to heavy rain or the careless attitude of our world’s citizens towards environmental impact on our planet.

Contrary to my hopes of strolling around Beijing again in my pink umbrella, shielding myself from the acid rain, it turned out the AQI today was, to put it softly, quite unhealthy. I’m not even forcing any specific blame on this city…the reader must ask themselves, if my own town happened to be as expansive as Beijing, wouldn’t we face the same environmental problems in our own backyard? Not only this, but would we, as environmental citizens, choose to shoulder the responsibility to reduce our community’s carbon footprint, while long-term goals of sustainability in mind? To further elaborate, why frown upon their AQI reports, for you just to close your computer (removing yourself from a situation that is not even your own), throw out your Arrowhead plastic water bottle (there’s a recycling bin right next to it you are ignoring), only to drive away in your gas-fueled car...

Nonetheless, life moves on.

Until next time!

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