Student Spotlight with Victor Dimitrov

July 10, 2017

Hello friends, family members, and followers of the MIL Summer Academy Green Mountain College blog! Today I'll be sharing the first of hopefully several interviews I'll be having with students about their experiences here. Today's converation was with Victor Dimitrov, a student in the French Academy here at Green Mountain College. Check back in tomorrow for some more updates from our programs! - Chris 

1. Victor, why were you interested in coming to MIL this year?

It’s kind of a complicated story. I was looking for summer plans, and talked with some friends of mine who had come here before. They told me all about the Academy, and they highly recommended it to me. After our talk, I decided to apply because I knew coming here would be a great way to work on my French and meet new people!

2. What has been the hardest thing about following the Language Pledge? What has been the most rewarding thing about it?

a. In some ways, it’s really hard to express myself while being immersed in French. While I have learned how to make myself understood, it can be hard to adapt to a purely French perspective at times.

I really appreciate though just how much keeping the Language Pledge has helped with my communication skills, both in French and in English. My French has improved tremendously while I’ve been here, and my increased appreciation for speaking English has made me a more effective communicator as well.

3. What has been your favorite part of the Academy so far?

By far my favorite experience here at MIL has been Improv Club with Alexis and Georgia is a lot of fun! During this club, we’re given a scene, and have to come up with a storyline to help act it out! It’s really been a great way to improve my French, and has been a blast as well!

5. What is your favorite thing that you’ve learned here?

a. I really enjoyed the French Theatre cultural exploration class we had with Nico, one of the French professors here at MIL. His class was a lot of fun, and it was interesting to discuss French theatre topics and act out some sketches as well!

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