July 21, 2016

The storm has come: testing began today!

For the Chinese Academy, today was their test day, in which all students took the STAMP Assessment. In various tech labs across the campus, the students were set up on computers to take the assessment—and, thankfully, everyone completed it, successfully!

The French Academy, on the other hand, has its testing tomorrow morning. So, the students had one final “regular” day, in which the routine set of classes were completed, along with the afternoon activities with REs.

However, the French Academy had a fun exposure to Francophone culture tonight: a visit from Jeh Kulu—a West African dance and drum performance!

Since the performers also speak French, the students stayed in language, while simultaneously having the chance to interact with the multiple performers who came to the campus.

The performers came with drums and dance moves—and, more importantly, a desire to pass on Francophone culture! Due to the size of the French Academy, the performers broke up into two separate groups: one group focusing on dance, and another one focusing on drum rhythmic beats.

After about thirty minutes, the groups would rotate, allowing the students to get a taste of the music and dance associated with the culture. Once the two groups were completed, the whole Academy—along with the performers—went into the Dion Center for the final performance, in which the dance and music came together in a perfect equilibrium.

For the Chinese Academy, at the end of the day, all students went to their classrooms for evening classes. However, these evening classes were predominantly for the one-on-one meetings that the teachers have with their students.

In these meetings, the teacher discussed with the student how he/she has progressed throughout the program, and then what needs to be done to further his/her studies. It was an effective way for both the students and teachers to tie everything together.

Due to the number of students, these meetings will continue on to tomorrow, as teachers speak with those students to whom they weren’t able to talk tonight.

A Chinese Class