Spanish Guitar

July 25, 2018

Language: Spanish

Location: Salamanca

Daily Schedule:

7:30—8:30am Breakfast

8:30—8:55am Gathering at meeting points         

9:00—9:20am Assembly

9:30—11:00am Class Block 1   

11:00—11:30am Break & Snack

11:30—1:30pm Cultural Exploration Class

1:30—2:30 pm Free time

2:30—4:30pm Lunch at home

5:30—6:15pm Guided tour of Guitar Factory

6:15—6:45pm Break & Snack

6:45—7:45pm Yoga, Football, Latino Dancing and Grammar club

8:00—11:00pm Dinner and free time at home

11:15pm In room

11:30pm Lights out

What the Salamanca Academy did today:

The Spanish guitar. One of the most famed instruments in the country. This instrument is widely used and played by many people in the country. Not only that but also by some of the most talented musicians to come from Spain.

Our students had another great opportunity to learn more about this fine instrument in the form of a tour of a local factory where artisans craft guitars. The students even helped build a guitar themselves—a challenge within itself! 

After learning about the construction of the guitars they enjoyed an intimate performance showcasing one of builders playing skills. Maybe one day some of the students can purchase their very own custom made guitar and become the next great musician. The closing reception is tonight and we may expect to see tears.

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We will not be posting a blog on Friday due to the students' travel schedule.