Sound of Music: Chinese Academy Uses Tunes to Learn

July 2, 2014

Whether you’ve studied Mandarin for ten years, or have never heard Chinese in your life, music is a medium that seems to bring everyone together. After a long day inside and outside of the classroom, there is no better way to bring the day to a close than through song. We’re just a little over a week in and have a vast repertoire of original material, which range in topics from weather to daily greetings. Our catchy, hook-filled Language Pledge® song serves as a reminder to our community of our collective commitment to the pledge, while our recently introduced Olympics tune amps up our students for the games.

These tunes have not only been a creative means for students to learn new vocabulary words and sentence structures, but have been a way to unify this tight knit group of motivated students. Tour announcement coming soon!

-Connor Frost, Chinese Assistant Language Director