Sol y sombra

July 5, 2016

The first stop on the Spanish Academy's Granada's Fourth of July outing was a visit to the prettiest village in Spain, according to the Spanish Tourism Board: Frigiliana.

Just across the line between the Granada and Malaga provinces, the village of Moorish origin and site of the last Moorish uprising in Spain in the late 1500s is tucked into the mountainside, towering over the Mediterranean.

We've had plenty of practice climbing hills in Granada, so tackling the steep alleys that wind their way up the mountain was challenging, but not insurmountable! Blisteringly white houses with brilliant blue and violet window frames and bursts of bougainvillea line the sleepy cobbled streets.

Life hums quietly there; no one in a hurry to get anywhere, as muleteers lead their working beasts to and from the fields, old men, impervious to the outside world, chat happily outside the pharmacy and tourists poke around the eclectic crafts shops.

We spent a couple of hours getting a feel for this gem of a town, climbing the ramparts and meandering through the twisted streets, before setting off to Nerja, next stop on our excursion.