Soccer Saturday!

July 15, 2014

Messi may not have played and Shakira may not have performed, but the MMLA soccer finals held this past Saturday afternoon were just about as intriguing for the students here.

For the first round, a continuation of the match that was cut short at the World Expo, the Spanish and Arabic Academies battled long and hard for the title. The score was still 0-0 when the regulation time had ended, and the match went into overtime. At long last, the Arabic Academy came out victorious with a single, hard-earned goal.

The students who still felt up to the challenge then took to the field to play against the staff team.  The Academies proved that their combined spirit is enough to overcome any language difference. The game play was exciting, but with strong defense and nimble goalies, both teams were still tied at 0-0 even after extra time had been played. The only answer was a penalty shoot out. It was there that the students earned their victory over the staff!

As a whole, students from all academies have really enjoyed their football matches and watching and learning about the World Cup. Futball fever doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon around here!

Lindsay, Program Assistant