Soccer on all sides!

July 15, 2014

UPDATE: Our internet is back! Hooray! Now on to the Academies…

Spanish Academy

Today during activity time, the Spanish Academy participated in a soccer tournament with the other Academies at GMC. After the German Academy beat the Chinese Academy 2-1, it was our Academy’s turn to play, against a tough and technical French team. With both sets of strikers misfiring for the most part, it became more of a midfield battle, one which ebbed and flowed but from which neither team could emerge victorious. Thus it fell to penalties to decide our fate. One French player struck the base of the right post, and Neil, the Spanish Academy goalie, saved another penalty, while both Kelton and Adam converted, giving the Spanish Academy the game.

In the next round, we faced the victorious Germans. Once again our defense held strong, though there were certainly some desperate moments. Although our offense gave their all, they could not find the net, and so like many world cup matches, the game once again went to penalties. It was a nail-biter, with each Academy taking 13 penalties before Garret of the German Academy flung himself to his right to keep out Gabriela’s spot kick, thus winning the game for the Germans. All of the Spanish students really tried their best, and the trust that has developed throughout the past three and a half weeks was plain to see on the pitch. Yet it proved to be not quite enough, and it will be the German Academy that will play against a Staff team on Wednesday morning for chance to claim the MMLA GMC 2014 Title.

Due to a cut fiber optic cable somewhere in southern Vermont, the internet failed yesterday just as the students were about to take their post-test and fill out their program evaluations. Contingency plans drafted immediately afterwards came into effect today, and the students went to take the exams after dinner. The internet, unfortunately, decided once again not to cooperate, making matters more complicated. The students stayed in high spirits, however, and we watched the Disney movie Encantada and played an Academy-wide game of charades. RA Caitlyn’s peruanas won the game and a pizza party! Fortunately, the internet came back on late Monday night, so the students will be able to take their post-tests and evaluations without a problem on Tuesday.

-Simon, Spanish Academy RA

German Academy

Today proved once again to be a busy day in the German Academy. Because of the lack of internet, the students had to move across the street to complete their end-of-the-program exams, which lasted for several hours. During the afternoon activities, the German students displayed their excellence in  the Fußball tournament. The German Academy took first place after defeating both the Spanish and Chinese teams. As a reward, they will have the opportunity to play against the faculty and staff team on Wednesday morning.

In Study Hall, students worked on their projects for the academy yearbook. Some of them created pages containing profiles of each student, while others created pages about events that happened during the camp, such as the World Cup. InAbendtreffen, Level 1 students performed skits in which they described what a person would need when going on vacation to different cities. Lastly, the entire academy ended the day by watching the final scenes of Harry Potter und derKammer des Schreckens.

-Allison, German RA

Chinese Academy

We are days away from concluding the 2014 Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy at Green Mountain College, and for today’s Chinese Academy blog post, I would like to touch on what it means for our students to be multilingual.

For all of the Marvel comics and big Hollywood fans among our readers, does anyone recall what Uncle Ben told his nephew, Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) about power?

“With great power comes great responsibility,” says Benjamin “Uncle Ben” Parker.

After the comic book series took to the Silver Screen, Uncle Ben’s quote quickly became a maxim with which everyone can identify.

Although in the context of the film, power alludes to Spider-Man’s superhuman strength and extraordinary abilities, including his web, spidey sense, and climbing abilities, I think that the quote speaks volumes to each and every person’s unique abilities.

Among our students I have seen enormous strength and exceptional skills. Despite the range of different personalities, I find that the one common denominator uniting all of us MMLAers, staff included, is a sense of intercultural sensitivity.

What do I mean exactly?

By virtue of cultural exploration through learning another language, our students have taken their first steps, the hardest steps, in challenging their prejudices, breaking down barriers and ultimately pledging their commitment to a more global, integrated and peaceful world.

What I want to emphasize is that our students have committed to embracing difference,  to being cultural ambassadors, to spreading tolerance and urging peers towards further cultural understanding. This is their responsibility with the great power that comes from language and cultural learning.

-Max, Chinese Academy RA