Saturday School...for the Chinese Academy!

Due to their excursion to Burlington yesterday, students still had classes today—however, they all brought enthusiasm to each class, despite today being Saturday.

July 9, 2016

Due to their trip to Burlington yesterday, students from the Chinese Academy didn’t have a typical Saturday—instead, they attended classes, making up for the ones that they missed the day before.

However, none of the students complained about this. They brought their enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity to each class, excited to continue their lessons from Thursday.

Classes followed their typical routine—however, the classes weren’t as dense and mentally-demanding. Instead, they were more relaxed, giving the kids a chance to get in class-time, while still enjoying their Saturday.

In one class, students learned how to cook chicken lo mein. Their teacher instructed them on the preparation and cooking that is needed, in order to make the “perfect” batch of lo mein—additionally, they learned about the Chinese vocabulary associated with the food and the kitchen appliances.

In another class, students had the chance to watch a Chinese-cartoon movie. Though it may have been hard to follow and understand—due to the fast pace of the speaking— at first, students quickly got the hang of it as the movie went on.

In art class, students continued their work from Thursday. Most of the students completed new pieces of artwork, which were then hung on the wall for display. The artwork ranged from paintings of pandas to elaborate and eloquent depictions of fruit bowls—needless to say, the students drew and painted all sorts of things!

Additionally, in one class, students presented their projects on locations that they researched. For example, one group discussed the culture and life of Beijing—in their presentation, they included a self-drawn map of the city, with certain locations designated as cultural hotspots.

Another class dove into a song that taught the students about the different parts of the human body. As the students sang the song, they would point to the corresponding body part that was in line with lyrics.

After classes and afternoon activities, students had their weekly dance! At the dance, students were authorized to speak English for two hours with their friends and unwind after a long week of classes.

The second week of classes is now officially over!

Tomorrow, the Language Academies from Green Mountain College (Arabic, Spanish and German) are making the trek over to St. Michael’s College for the annual Academy Olympics! With over 600 students on campus tomorrow, it’s bound to be a very, very exciting day!

Cooking class