Santillana del Mar and Cuevas del Soplao (Caves)

July 13, 2014

The Comillas Academy recently had the privilege to visit Santillana del Mar-arguably one of the most beautiful small towns (villas) in Spain. This small village just a few miles from Comillas is home to the Altamira Caves, one of the most important cave painting sites in the world. With paintings that are over 15,000 years old, the Altamira Caves are a magical place that made us all appreciate the human species even more. Although we were not allowed to take pictures in the museum, we took a few during our visit to Santillana del Mar.

The next day we explored another cave, El Soplao (the blowing caves or the gust caves); here we visited a beautiful section of this cave system and had an interesting workshop on primitive hunting. We came to the realization that with our modern skills we would be much better off as vegetarians, as hunting deer with prehistoric tools is not what we do best. :) Although José, our instructor, made us believe that throwing a spear was very easy, we experienced a little disappointment because no one was able to hit the target. Even though we failed to hit the target this was one of the most enjoyable activities we have participated in thus far. That said, had we relied on our hunting skills for food that day, we would only be eating lettuce!