A Sacred Art

July 17, 2019

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

The kids have been attending Chinese class and Cultural Exploration classes for the last few days. Not only that, but the kids have been attending some fun activities. First, the kids went to HouHai where they explored the plethora of snacks and then after wrote an essay in Chinese on a snack of their choice.

After, HouHai, the students went to the largest tea market in Beijing where they tasted many kinds of Chinese teas and a lot of the students bought some tea to bring home to share with you! Finally, today the students learned the sacred art of making dumplings and then after we ate the dumplings that the students made. They were delicious! Tomorrow, we will go to Nanluoguxiang and Gulou, which are two of Beijing’s most famous tourist attractions. Stay tuned to see how that turned out on Friday’s blog!

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