Red Dawn: The Chinese Academy's Trip to Albany!

July 15, 2017

Cultural exploration, amazing food, and some good old fun in the sun! For the Chinese Academy, today's adventures in Albany really had it all! 

Today's adventure came right on the heels of another exciting event: yesterday's weekly dance! After a week of field trips and classes, the Chinese Academy students were extremely excited to have a chance to dance the night away. Check out some of the moments from last night on either our Facebook page, or in the Image Gallery! 

This morning, Chinese Academy students woke up early so they could grab breakfast, and hit the road! After the drive to Albany, they made their first stop of the day at an Asian Supermarket. Here, they had a chance to buy some lovely Asian produce, authentic Chinese tea, and even more delectable treats! 

After another short drive, students arrived at the New York State History Museum. Although not directly related to Chinese language, both students and staff enjoyed having a chance to learn more about the unique history and environment of the region. Sttudents then stopped at an Asian bistro for some delicious Chinese dishes! 

For the afternoon, the Chinese Academy took part in a beach day! Students descended on scenic Lake Grafton in a flurry, and spent their time there lounging on the beach, playing volleyball, or going for a swim! Everyone was all smiles as they enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon! 

Finally, Chinese Academy students stopped at a Chinese cafe for a quick dinner (and for some lovely bubble tea!) before heading back to Green Mountain College. After so many adventures together, it really has been amazing watching this Academy come together as a family. As they departed the bus, they continued to converse and enjoy themselves looking completely unfatigued. Here's to many more adventures together for this academy! 

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