Recommitment to Language…And Pizza!

July 13, 2014

Today was a big day for all of the students at the Chinese Academy, as they had to go through some evaluative testing today. To balance the testing, RAs took their students into town for something other than cafeteria food. The most popular dish? It was none other than pizza! At least one person in each group had a slice of pizza in hand. Our living group did the same and afterwards we decided to go watch a Chinese drama called “Meteor Shower” in our assembly room. 

That night, a few students presented their projects to the rest of the class. The project theme for the night was cinema. Some students reinterpreted popular American films in short videos that were presented to the class, whereas others played a game where the rest of the class has to guess what movie they’re talking about. At the end of every Sunday assembly, students, RAs and teachers alike recommit to the Language Pledge®. Tonight’s recommitment ceremony was a little bit more special considering it was the last of the program. The end is within sight. Everyone 加油!

-Sikun Zhang, Residential Advisor