Ready to Take on Week Three at SMC!

July 10, 2017

It’s the start of Week Three here at SMC and our students are keeping busy! After a fun and relaxing weekend, they resumed classes and cultural exploration courses today. Once again, students changed their CE “theme” today so they could try out something that interests them. The Arabic CE themes for this week are music, theater/improv, and traditional fashion/games/dance. Spanish students are participating in three different culinary options (Venezuelan cuisine, Honduran cuisine, and La Merienda del Domingo), drawing comics, foil art, self-portrait art (inspired by Picasso!), football and culture, traditional mexican games, Latin American theater, hispanic myths and legends, and telenovelas. 


The Arabic Academy also hosted a special guest today: a delegate from the Qatar Foundation International who visited campus to meet the Arabic students and observe their daily schedule. A number of our students receive scholarships to attend the Arabic Academy from QFI.


Other than welcoming this visitor, students followed their normal schedule of class, CEs, activities, study hall, and evening activities. During the afternoon, students could be found playing soccer or badminton, doing yoga, watching language related films/TV shows, playing charades, and much more.


During evening activities, Arabic students had the chance to make “hamsas”, a symbol or amulet that protects the owner from evil. Students crafted their own hamsas from cardboard and foil. During their evening activity, Spanish students had the choice between working out, dancing, watching Spanish TV, coloring, writing fiction, or playing frisbee.


Check out photos from the day above or many more on Facebook!

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