Raps, Recipes, and Runways - Friday at SMC

July 7, 2017

It is officially the academic “end” of week two, and our students were busy wrapping up their week of classes and CE courses. Here are some of the highlights from students last day in their CE before they change to a new one next week:

  • Rosemary’s Pinata-making CE put their pinatas on display for all to see in the lobby
  • Grismilda’s Merienda Del Domingo culinary CE made four different types of tortillas espanolas
  • Liliana’s culinary CE made 3 different soups
  • Tegwa’s fashion CE presented their fashion creations including handmade t-shirts donned with the names of Arabic countries, sunsets, and classmates names among other creative designs 
  • Caroline’s music CE wrote and performed rap songs in Arabic about daily life at SMC

Check out photos from these CEs above and on Facebook.


The students have a big day planned tomorrow - it is summer academy “Field Day” with the Arabic and Spanish academies hosting the German, French, and Chinese academies from Green Mountain College for the day. Before their jam-packed Saturday, each academy took time tonight to unwind, relax, and have some fun.


The Spanish Academy held a “Casino Night” with bingo, dominos, karaoke, cards, and even a photo booth and fortune teller. The Arabic Academy spent their night relaxing with a screening of Captain Abu Raed, a classic Jordanian movie.


Be sure to check out our next Facebook live event tomorrow at 5:15 pm on the MIL Summer Academies Facebook page!  

As always, please check our daily Facebook album for many more photos. 

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