Rainy Weather; Fun Day!

July 1, 2016

As the saying goes, “The third time’s a charm.”

As French Academt students finish their third day here at the Academy, it’s fair to say that most students have acclimated to their new schedules and daily routines. With a common trajectory of meals, classes, and activities—students are now in the “loop” of everything that’ll be happening.

Today, students completed their last sets of classes before the weekend break. Here’s a brief rundown of what transpired in a few classes:

  • Poetry Class: Students were taken outside, in order to access their inner-artistic sides and find inspiration. When they returned to class, students created poems based on the organic beauty that one may find in nature.
  • Theater Class: Students started to prepare for their next monologues that they will be presenting next week. These monologues—unlike the ones from this week—will be more serious, focusing heavily on facial expressions and the emotions embedded in these expressions.
  • French Language Class: Intermediate students, today, were taught how to express “wants and capabilities;” in other words, they were taught the verbs “vouloir” (to want) and “pouvoir” (to be able to). Then, students applied these verbs to their conversations, and discussed with the students around them what they want and what they’re able to do.
  • Additionally, in this class, students worked on their projects, which they will be presenting next week. These projects were based around questions with which the students came up, and then asked to their peers.
  • For example, one student asked, “What’s your favorite place at St. Michael’s?” The answers ranged from the Ross Sports Center all the way to the dining hall in which they eat all of their meals. Once all of the answers were organized and compiled, the student then assorted them into a pie graph, showing where the answer commonalities were and roughly what percentage each answer had.
  • Language and Culture Class: Students assembled personal dictionaries; in these dictionaries, there were colloquial Francophone phrases and their corresponding meanings. These dictionaries will be used as study guides for when the students prepare for their final assessment.

Although part of the afternoon today was filled with rain, students still Had fun by flocking to the Dion Center to play ping pong, pool and card games.

And so, Day Three comes to a close. Despite the rainy weather, the next four weeks here look tremendously bright!

French students observing nature in preparation for their lesson on poetry