Quelle Soirée! (What a Night!)

July 11, 2014

Tonight all of our hard work and practice leading up to the World Expo paid off. The World Expo is a night for each academy to present artwork, dances, songs, videos and other cultural and academic projects to the faculty and students of the other academies. The assembly room was a lovely sea of blue, red and orange with students from all academies present. At the French academy, we began chanting our specific language cheers, thus inspiring other academies to perform their cheers as well while everyone waited for the World Expo to get underway. Not desiring to undermine the communal aspect of the event; however, or to put too much of an emphasis on any competition, we also cheered just as loudly for the Spanish and Chinese Academies. 

Earlier in the evening we gathered in front of the dorm to practice our group dance (choreographed by students and counselors to the song on est là) one last time, so when the time came to present it live everyone was ready. We had a wonderful opening to our portion of the show, which continued with advertisements in language created by one class, a music video from another, a performance of the classic song Aux Champs Elysées and more. Everyone had an amazing time both performing and reveling in the songs, dances and other presentations of the Chinese and Spanish academies.

After the World Expo, there were tasty treats from all three academies, and an impromptu dance party back in the assembly room where students taught various target language dance routines and academy favorites to students (and staff members) from other language academies. We returned to the dorm, tired butjubilant and ready for an active and exciting weekend. À la prochaine fois (until next time)!

- Hannah/Cécile, French RA