Parading Through Poultney

July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day from Green Mountain College!

Even though the weather continues to be a bit chillier than normal for this time of year, spirits were high in Poultney as holiday celebrations commenced this morning. The students awoke to find the campus already abuzz with activity. As the language Academies ate breakfast and prepared themselves for the day’s festivities, the Martin Devlin Memorial Fun Run kicked off in the center of campus. Many of the town’s residents turned out for this early morning event, and people from every walk of life could be seen streaming by the site office windows.

After breakfast, all the Academies boarded buses for our biggest event of the day: the Poultney Fourth of July Parade! Rather than simply watching the parade from the sidelines, the Academy students were a part of the show! Nearly 300 of our students marched in the parade, proudly bearing their Academy colors for all to see. Students sang and chanted in Spanish, Arabic, and German as they walked down the streets, showing that this uniquely American holiday is also a celebration of the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists within the United States. As students remained in their pledged languages throughout the morning, the parade also served a unique opportunity for cultural understanding, where students served a symbolic bridge between American traditions and other cultures.

With the morning behind us, students settled in for afternoon activities and a brief period of relaxed Language Pledge® activities. Later this evening, we look forward to another visit to Poultney, this time to see the fireworks!