Our Final Full Friday at SMC

July 14, 2017

Just like that, week three of classes has come to a close and students are heading into their last weekend on campus. As always, it was a busy day here at SMC. Students went to class, finished up the last day of their Week 3 cultural exploration courses, called and ended their Friday with fun, academy-wide evening activities.


The Arabic students had a unique afternoon activity: a tile design workshop with Program Assistant (and Arabic RA last summer), Areej. The students came together as an academy to learn about traditional Middle Eastern Tile design. Students drew geometric and floral designs on tracing paper squares and also learned how to use the Arabic alphabet as art. This workshop was meant to prepare the Arabic Academy for an upcoming field trip to a pottery studio where they will work with, and create, real tiles.


The Arabic Academy ended their Friday with a lively “Rock Night”. Students performed songs (either Arabic language songs or ones translated from English to Arabic) as living groups. The boys living group performed a rendition of an English-to-Arabic song featuring live guitar and keys, while one girls group performed an Arabic language song ("Zina") and another translated the English song "7 Years" to Arabic. I had the honor of serving as a judge of the competition, alongside Areej and Christiana (Arabic Dorm Head). The boys living group ended up taking the crown, with 7 Years coming in second, and "Zina" in third. Please check out videos of each fantastic performance here. 


I also had the pleasure of serving as a judge in a Level Three Spanish class today. Students in Cipriano’s class each chose a city of their interest and “picthed” it as an ideal (but hypothetical) location for a new MIL Summer Academy. We heard from advocates for New York, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Nashville, Frederick, MD, and Bradenton, FL. Students used this project to practice their skills with directions, maps, travel, and tourism - all “themes” for this week's curriculum. Students proposed a college campus, methods of transport for MIL students, activities of interest, and explained the local climate/weather. There was a tie for first between Boston and Nashville, with DC taking second place. Check out photos from the presentations above.

The entire Spanish Academy ended their Friday with an academy-wide movie night, watching Shrek 3. 

As always, check out our Facebook page for a complete photo album from today. 

That’s all from SMC. Stay tuned for updates from the Arabic Academy field trip tomorrow!


[Arabic Rock Night Video: https://middleburyinteractive.wistia.com/medias/46ysglo74r


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