One Day More

July 15, 2015

Can you believe that today marks the last full day of the Academy, and of the Language Pledge®? An amazing transformation has taken place at Green Mountain College this summer and it’s difficult to believe that these are the same students who arrived on campus just few weeks ago. Students who arrived quiet and nervous can now be heard loudly chatting in their pledged language; they are noticeably more confident in their communication skills! From the beginner students who can now hold a full conversation in language to the advanced students who have gained a more complex understanding of the language’s structure, each and every student has made the most of their time here. 

Even though the Language Pledge® can be challenging at times, it has been well worth the journey. People say that language reflects culture and that it is key to understanding another culture. I think most of our students would agree that by living and breathing their target languages, they’ve come to understand, and even become a part of, the Arabic, German, and Spanish-speaking cultures. 

Since World Expo this past weekend, the students have engaged in post-testing to measure their language growth. They’ve enjoyed their last few classes, afternoon activities, and clubs. On Monday, the Spanish Academy danced the night away, perfecting their tango skills. The German Academy enjoyed a relaxing evening of cooking and grilling, which included music, games, art with sidewalk chalk, and a birthday cake to top off the night. Meanwhile, nostalgia, laughter, and tears were felt in the Arabic Academy when everyone viewed a slideshow filled with photos and memories from their Academy experience.

After a final day of activities, cultural exploration classes, and of course, packing, the students will gather together in the evening for the Graduation Ceremony. They will each receive a certificate marking their achievements at the Academy. Then, after all the pomp and circumstance and the lifting of the Language Pledge®, the students will enjoy one last Academy-wide dance!