No Sight of The Monday Blues at SMC

July 3, 2017

...except for the blue sky, of course! It was a beautiful, sunny day here at SMC - the perfect start to our new week ahead. Students came prepared to take on Week Two with high energy and good spirits.


The start of Week Two means that Arabic and Spanish classes are moving on to new steps and goals in the academy curriculum. In the Spanish academy, the "themes" for this week are food, culinary culture and eating habits/customs/values. Each Spanish Level (1-4) will pursue different language learning goals related to food. Here are some examples of the "I can-do" statements that guide the curriculum this week:

  • Level 1: I can identify and name 5-10 food items I eat.
  • Level 2: I can ask and respond to simple questions based on images and text in a menu.
  • Level 3: I can exchange information about different foods and eating etiquette I have experienced or have learned about.
  • Level 4: I can watch, read, and listen to information about nutritional and health recommendations from public announcements in the target country, and summarize what was stated.


In the Arabic academy, this week’s themes are greetings/introductions, directions/shopping/food, and culinary culture. Here are some examples of Arabic’s “I can-do” statements for this week:

  • Level 1: I can express my needs, wants and preferences.
  • Level 2: I can recognize culturally appropriate behaviors related to eating and ordering meals in the target country/countries.
  • Level 3: I can understand audio recordings and video about everyday life in the target country/countries.


Aside from ramping up their language proficiency goals, students spent the day settling into their new Cultural Exploration classes. Students are given the opportunity to try a new CE every week.


Students also took advantage of the beautiful weather, spending time outside playing frisbee, soccer, volleyball, or just enjoying the sun while hanging out with friends. Arabic students ended the night with another session of “Cafe Arabiyya”, while Spanish students took part in evening activities including cards, Twister, crafts, soccer, and reading.


That’s all for today from SMC! We have an exciting two days ahead - notably Fourth of July celebrations tomorrow, and calling home times on Wednesday!


Please note, we are having a LIVE STREAM event on Wednesday before calling home times. We will be going live from Spanish and Arabic classes to give you an inside look at student life here at SMC. For more detailed information, scan the QR code below or check out the official Facebook event